Sunday, January 31, 2010

not so newfangled

Hey, more peplum!

How cute would this be belted:

This falls so beautifully.

And I would wear this in a second..............!!! Haha really I would.

I wasn't a fan of the two blue-green patterned pieces or look number 13 (ugly sweater overdone)
but I enjoyed this collection and its simplicity, classic line/colour, and bare quality. 
check out the rest of Stella McCartney's prefall lineup here.

Currently at the top of my wishlist:
1. Jeffrey Campbell wedge (left, vs. Acne original on the right)
2. this romper, which apparently-hopefully looks better in person.
3. and polka dot tights a la Balenciaga Fall 2009

 ps. newfangled is such a strange word - it makes me think of Newfoundland and a three-headed dog.

pps. a stumbleupon find, this guy "made something cool everyday" of 2009. Start from the very beginning and click on to the very end - some super creative stuff.

ppps. please please take a look at this amazing illustrator.

 aaand this one:

oh and this one:
Have fun spending hours gawking.


Alice said...

holy shit, the first and last illusrators are amaaaazing.

polka dot tights available at h&m and aa (dunno about in-store or not, but they've got some online!)

lustforlove said...

yaaah i've gotten a few suggestions via fb about those tights! (aa, h&m, urban, even american eagle) but h&m doesn't have any right now.. although they did a while ago i believe, and the ones from aa are pin dot ones i think (really really tiny dots).. but thanks for the thought! :D:D:D