Monday, April 26, 2010

new jack city

You know you haven't blogged in a while when the blogs you're following have a million new posts you haven't seen. Aaahh.. lots of catching up to do.

I forgot to mention that I was in New York for five days! Hence the catching up to do. It was an amazing time, as expected, and the weather was really, really good to us. I've got loads of photos to post from the trip, as well as a few fashion events I was given the opportunity to photograph at our school. My pile of photos is bottomless apparently.. I can't wait to be done my last exam and go home for the summer, and actually have the time to post them! 

In the meantime, enjoy Part Two (long overdue) of my shoot with Robyn, and let me know what you think?

Model - Robyn W.
Hair/Makeup/Styling/Photo by ophelia's funeral
Ingenious idea for those belts - Robyn W.


Anonymous said...

I love all your pics han!! your amazing

ophelia's funeral said...

Thank-you!! :)