Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ansan sunrise

It is relatively easy to get a spanning view of Seoul from one of its many mountains - truly a city of hills. However the panorama you get at the peak of the hike up Ansan, just north of Yonsei University, is something else. Jared took Jaimie and I on the trek the morning after Sunday Seoulmates. It was an early wake-up call and bit of a walk, but naturally, incredibly rewarding. We spent a good amount of time up there, seeing, watching, listening (to the quietest morning in a bustling city I've ever heard - "The Land of the Morning Calm" rings true), thinking, meditating. It was a wonderful way to wrap up what had been an energetic weekend, and a busy couple of weeks before that, as we wrapped up our first issue of PECAN. Here are some photos from atop the hill, in a city I hold near and dear.

As Jams ponders, an ajumma stretches, perhaps also while pondering
Do you spy the lone explorer?
Jared giving us a re-enactment of one of the ajushi stretches he witnessed
Et voilĂ , the "ajushi stretch"
So well coordinated, these two
Jared's new best friend and walking buddy, the most adorable

We tore ourselves way from the view and wound our way down to Ansan's neighbouring hood, Yeonhui-dong, where we sat down for some coffee at Manufact Coffee Roasters.

And a little more of the Ansan view, in motion:


sunday seoulmates

It looks like this blog is only meant to be for posts from Korea - here we are, another three months after the last post, and it's yet another Korean one. Surprise, surprise. 

After a month in New York (which was blistering hot but amazing), I came home to Vancouver for a month before flying out to Paris to continue working on a project (details next), where I spent another month. After that, it was a direct flight to Seoul! I lucked out and was upgraded to business class for that one - absolutely no complaints, to say the least. The most comfortable sleep I've ever had on an aircraft, ever! And when I wasn't sleeping, I was eating on real plates and drinking vino in real glasses. Basically, it'll be very, very hard going back to economy.

So back to this new project. If you've been following, you'll know that Jaimie and I had completed a 250-page art magazine compiled from creative works by foreigners living in South Korea. L VE M TEL has been faring quite well - selling out from stores in Vancouver, New York, and Paris. It is currently stocked at some big name spots in Paris, including cult-store Colette and the bookshop at Palais de Tokyo. It is also now on sale at some staple bookstores in Seoul: Your-Mind, Chiut, and 1984. Long story short, largely because of this venture, Jaimie and I were asked to produce something similar, but for various cities around the world. We've named this new baby of ours PECAN, and it is a "lyrical guidebook" of sorts, or as I like to call it, a floppy art book. The first chapter in this series is based in Paris, and we went to print at the end of September. We're already in at Chiut in Seoul and Palais de Tokyo and 0fr. in Paris. Have a look at a mini preview just below, and take a gander at some of the things going on on our website at www.pecanpecan.com.

While Jaimie and I waited for these babies to come back to us from the printer, we held a little get together to celebrate L VE M TEL and its contributors. Held at the lovely studio of our friends at MuteHouse, and featuring Seoul's go-to street style blog, Sol-Sol, the early evening fete was a fun gathering with some dear friends and beer and snacks and printed goodies.