Wednesday, July 28, 2010

see emily play

The Argus C3 Match-matic.
My dad dropped a twenty on this camera - what a treasure! It uses your usual 35mm film, so I popped in a roll and took it out for a day. You hand crank the film, so double and triple exposures are a breeze.
I found a copy of the original manual and included a few pages (above) - I got a kick out of its classic retro graphic design. Love everything about this cam. I also love how some of the shots are ambiguous - it's difficult to tell whether it's a double exposure or just a reflection shot.

2 comments: said...

Where did you get the Match Matic?

I must find something like this for collaging!

ophelia's funeral said...

I think my dad found it on Craigs actually. It's pretty amazing - dirt cheap and so easy to use; totally recommended.