Tuesday, July 6, 2010

selby my room

Finally cleaned my mess of a room and thought I'd take some pictures of it before it goes back to pigsty status. I think my bed needs some decorative pillows..

Artists of the day:

Alexa Meade and her out-of-this-world art installations - I stumbled on her work on a friend of a friend's rad art blog: re.flect.
Alexa paints on live objects to make them appear like canvas paintings when photographed. Say what?
Mm, a little creepy, but oh-so-undeniably cool. 
Check out the rest of her ingenious stuff here
Everything in this photo (yes, photo) is for real. Really.

and Alex Daniel via Trendland - wow.. adore his stuff. 
I'm feeling a little Egon Schiele + Franz Kline.
Love! It looks like he doesn't have his own site yet - will keep my eyes peeled.

Stay tuned for photos from my NYC trip back in April. So many.


Tala Kamea said...

Wow, yes, the Alex Daniel paintings are beautiful... Thanks for posting Hanah!

P.S. Nice room! I should follow your lead...

Alice said...

LOVE the illustrations! and well, i'm glad you always find these great artists because they're totally my style :D

also... your room is really clean... like, really clean... haha

ophelia's funeral said...

Haha thanks ladies! (Alice, you really should've seen the "before"..)

I'm so glad you like his work.. really deserves to be seen, hey?