Saturday, February 6, 2010

photo class

(what an ugly dress!)

Turns out I am sick. Boo.
I am coping by making myself fresh strawberry & nutella crepes and collecting images and listening to Michael Buble. Ha.

Here are the photographers I was talking about in my last post - please check them out!
You'll thank me later.

 1. Jean Loup Sieff (1933 - 2000)

3. Ruven Afanador

4. Camilla Akrans

5. Elena Kalis
Ive already had her bookmarked, but never thought to share examples of her stuff. (If you haven't already clicked on all the links I have on the right, I suggest you do!)
I adore underwater photography and Elena specializes in it, so how can I not adore her work?
Please take a look at all the photos she has up on her website, both under the "Portfolio" and "Projects" links.

I'm particularly enchanted by her Alice in Waterland series. Absolute genius.

Zena Holloway, who I mentioned {here}, is another photog who specializes in underwater photography. I prefer Elena's raw filmic approach over Zena's surrealistic (very Photoshopped) aesthetic, but her {video}, Swan Song, still gets me every time.

And speaking of underwater photography, {Wilfred} just put up {this video} for their Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. The gorgeous model in this video is actually from back home and I was lucky enough to have taken some photos of her two years ago. (I really need to post those up.)
She is amazing and I hope she'll go very far.


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