Friday, February 5, 2010

swatch party

School is catching up to us..
..and this is what my friends do to cope. Haha.
Feeling a little under the weather today.. I really hope I'm not actually sick because it's my birthday in a few days :(

Watch out for tomorrow's post - I've got some amazing photographers to share with you.



Nicole M said...

Beautiful photos. Swatch parties and button parties, candle parties and sandwich parties, never under-rated.

What kind of camera do you use?

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. My name's Ron. What's yours?

Alice said...

sooo pretty.
i love the pictures of the lace and the white frame/molding. so dainty and antique-feeling.

your guys' swatches look great so far. i obviously haven't started yet...

lustforlove said...

haha thanks nicole, i'm just using a nikon d40x.

LOL hey ron, i'm hanah - don't think we've ever met...

thanks alice, as for swatches.. i only have six so far!! :(