Friday, April 2, 2010

happy easter!

The one who started it all? Helmut Newton. (Above and the very first image)
Those LV ears did so well this past year.. I've seen them everywhere. Marc Genius Jacobs.

We are finally past the worst of the chaos at school, and we're looking at a much easier couple of days next week. What a relief! This means I'll actually have the time to update le blog again - expect a few new posts this weekend, I've accumulated so much schtuff to put up!

Heading over to the beach tomorrow; it's supposed to be a solid 25 degrees here in Toronto... 
Can we say, AMAZING?

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Alice said...

my favourites are the maison michel ones! and then the louis vuitton mesh ones. and then the louis vuitton runway ones. so cute, so perfect for easter. i'm doing an easter post too with them featured :)