Monday, January 17, 2011

i'm with the ampersand band

It's decided. My next little tat is going to be an ampersand.

I'm stupidly inspired by this blog. Maybe my next photo project will be a snapshot collection of interesting ampersands as I see them out and about. 
My current "project"? Fire hydrant portraits - I started taking photos of ones that were painted different colours and now it's just sort of grown into pile of 'em, special or not. 
I enjoy large groups of photos that go together or follow a theme, don't you?


The Broke Fashionista said...

love this entry! anyhoot, i was looking through Stockholm Streetstyle and saw this look... totally reminds me of you!

ophelia's funeral said...

:) Ummm I adore every single thing about this outfit and this girl's style! What a dream.. HER SHADES - the Super Lucias!!! I can't believe it reminds you of me o_o what a huge compliment thank you!!