Monday, January 10, 2011


Part 3/5

I've been a horrible blogger. 

From what I had intended to be a productive month of blogging and website (eep!) developing, December turned out to be quite the opposite. In exchange, I explored the city I live and study in a little more than I'd been able to in the past three years, and consequently, this meant less face time with this computer screen of mine. It was quite nice.

Looking through these photos from New York last April, I feel a little weird posting them because a) they feel like old news and b) a lot has changed. Maybe it's only because we've been enduring negative-double-digit weather for a while now and the few layers we're wearing in the warmth of those early summer days seems foreign to me.

New Years resolutions? I need to start to taking fewer photos... City wandering this December racked up around 2500 digital photographs and two rolls of film. Scary. When will I be posting those? Perhaps in a few years at the rate I've been going.

Back to class tomorrow. 
As daunting as it always seems, I am excited for a new semester to begin. 
Watch out for parts 4 and 5.


Anonymous said...

i love the photo of the streetsman you got with all the bags! these are lovely. and hey - count yourselves lucky in ontario. we started school last week!

ophelia's funeral said...

Thanks Erika, that one is my favourite! :)