Friday, May 6, 2011

five oh three

A few snapshots of our humble abode taken late last September/October.

I'm guessing Andie's room either wasn't ready or messy at the time haha - I don't seem to have any from hers. Sarah's room, the one with bubblegum-purple walls, was so easy to take photos of. So many cute trinkets and knick-knacks and decorations. She's off the Big Apple this summer for not one but TWO magazine internships! We're so proud of our roomie at 503. Sending a big congrats and some good vibes to Sar and all my other friends there right now! xo

Our house motto? Andie found this gem of an article and it was definitely frame-worthy.
We've upgraded to a shoe rack since then ;)
Pekoe, Sarah's cat!

Yes we have an incredible VHS Disney collection, you're jealous.

Sarah's room!
Sarah's wee self and her wee little sister, Emily. (Who I have photos of to post!)
Andie is the master of chicken fajitas. Yum. This was one of our first family Sunday dinners.
I am finally sifting through the photos that never saw the light of day over the course of the school year! I'll be posting them in a series called LOCALTOURISM, with parts one to however many I end up having, covering some of the diverse neighbourhoods and things to do across the GTA.

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