Friday, August 5, 2011

style nine to five


It's been a hectic three weeks being a tourist in Toronto, Montreal, and New York - so much fun and many photos! I opted to use film this time 'round and it's like Christmas all over again - 8 rolls to develop and I'm oh-so-excited. Can't wait to post the results.. what a whirlwind. I then came home to a feature on the blog site of Style Nine to Five, amongst Toronto's stylish-dot-coms - so very cool!

For those of you who are looking to step into the fashion industry and have been on the hunt for a job, we know all too well that on sites like Monster, Workopolis, or Craig's, most "fashion" jobs equate to positions like "Visual Merchandiser" (which really means stockperson) or "Stylist" (which really ends up meaning retail sales associate). It can be frustrating and sometimes it really does feel like it's all about knowing the right people (which it still does 80% of the time). Enter Style Nine to Five, a "one stop fashion career website" and brainchild of Christie Lohr, who saw the demand for such a service for both employers and job seekers alike. With relevant job and internship postings from legitimate Canadian and international companies, such as Aldo, Aritzia, Harry Rosen, MTV, and the Bay to name a few, this site is definitely worth being bookmarked as a regular read. Submit your resume and have it pre-screened by Christie herself. And if you make the cut, count yourself a part of a pool of qualified applicants looked over by the same employers who post on the site. Love this idea. Check it out!


Alina Klinaeva said...

What an amazing site & congrats on the feature!

ophelia's funeral said...

Thank you so much! xo