Thursday, November 3, 2011

hallow's eve

Halloween is a photog's wet dream.

Great bash at Shayda's this year - which is, if you aren't aware, THE perfect place for a house party. Best backyard ever! As you can see, there were some seriously stellar costumes that night. Andie and I managed not to break our four year tradition of wearing coordinating costumes but we were a bit of an unoriginal fail this time around.. Haha oh well! A huge thanks to Britt (she's the cutie with the yellow sugar skull makeup) for being so awesome and lending me her cam when mine died! And doing such a legit job of post-processing them.

And here are the few photos from my dying cam..


le blog d'Olive said...

What a surprise, Love your pictures !

ophelia's funeral said...

Thank you! Your blog is beautiful! :)

Juliette said...

Ow, what great pics you make, looks like a nice and cozy party :) and Shannon and Elyse, how I miss those girls here in Amsterdam!

Yoko Ono said...

wooo hoooo john and yoko!