Thursday, December 3, 2009

eco-fashion: the fourth dimension?

Two weeks ago I attended R4 Fashion, an event organized entirely by a group of University of Waterloo students (specifically the student-run nonprofit, Sustainable Technology Education Project aka STEP), at the Atlantis Pavilions.

One of my girlfriends was the Backstage Director and invited me to take photos on behalf of R4.
The event showcased pieces made from eco-friendly and/or recycled materials.

Kelly Drennan, founder of Fashion Takes Action, was the impromptu MC for the night

Guest speaker Aiden Abram

Project Coordinator and R4 mastermind, Ali Suleiman

The first half of the show was dedicated to designers Monica Mei (AIME), Carrie Hayes (CARRIE), Sonja den Elzen (Thieves), and Rachel Chan (RJC):

The intermission included a brief dance number from Lindsay Ritter Dance

Following the intermission, we were treated to a trail of inspiring collections by emerging designers Heidi Ackerman, Cherry Blossom, NACA, AnieMac, and Olga Tigirlas.
They were also participating in a juried competition.

The members of the jury take down notes

Stephanie MacNeil of AnieMac is a classmate of mine at Ryerson. Go Steph!

Heidi Ackerman took home the award, bringing the night to a close.

Kelly Drennan of Fashion Takes Action

Gloria Chik of urbanebloc

right: Dag Larsen of DL styling and equally stylish friend

The French Diva and Tammi Mori

Val (head dresser) and Emily (my good friend and backstage director!)

left: fashion writer Anita Clark (aka geekigirl of I want I got)

Yana Kultysheva and Nikolai Bratkovski (co-founder of Greenscroll)

Alex and Michaelia

Tammi and Emily

STEP members demonstrate their human powered bike generator
To find out more about STEP and their ongoing projects, including their entry for the Solar Decathlon (in collaboration with Ryerson University and SFU), please visit their website.

Despite the late start, an overall great night!

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