Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my disney halloween, rated R for radical

I have to share something that really peeves me. I hate highly dislike it when I walk into a mall long before Halloween to see their entire seasonal department decked out in Christmas gear! I love Christmas, don't get me wrong - it's my favourite holiday of the year - but I don't appreciate being bombarded with Christmas goods before Halloween. Do you remember when stores didn't dare bring out their holiday stock until long after hallow's eve? Then it was the day after, then the day of, then the week before... what's next, Christmas crop brought out during back-to-school sales? Just after Easter? It really bothers me! So this is my little show of defiance - my uber belated Halloween photos, two weeks before Christmas. Certainly not very festive of me. :)

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brianne burnell said...

you're all far too attractive.
maybe one day i'll venture my house and join you at some sort of shindig!