Wednesday, October 12, 2011

give thanks

Sunday Thanksgiving deener at Sam & Paris'

Ate way too many of these

Kell & Katie's chocolate-covered strawberries.. I know you can't really go wrong with these but these ones in particular were TO DIE FOR

Sammy prepping the gravy

Par carving her perfect turkey

My potatoes!

Sarah made this delicious pumpkin pie on Monday and it was an absolute hit.. that's chocolate you see between the crust and pumpkin filling! Sam also made a really light & mousse-y pumpkin pie for Sunday's dinner.. and I got to sample Rachie's apple crumble late Monday evening after work. Just great desserts all around!

Apparently I was too busy stuffing my face with turkey to take photos of anything but the food and the two lovely dinner hostesses on Sunday. I only wish I'd gotten more photos of everyone at dinner.. and of Sar's take on turkey dinner the next day that I missed out on, poop.

We are such lucky kids, with so much to be thankful for.. I am in awe of and so thankful for all the amazing people I've had the privilege to meet and hang out with over the years, especially here in Toronto, my parents for being so supportive, my friends back at home, and, well.. leftovers! Yum.

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