Friday, October 14, 2011

crepes, poutine, & chocolate cake

I was lucky enough to have Vanessa, one of my oldest childhood friends, show me a really great time in Montreal. She took me all over the city and housed me in her cute apartment before she moved back to BC. All the festivals, music, good food, cute boys, Bixi biking, hot summer weather, adorable streets and houses.. I'm itching to go back.

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Erica Chen said...

she really did just take you eveywhere... that is so awesome how you captured so many moments, it was just so great to look at this, so super, not kidding, like these pictures tell it like it is... awesome.. ok i am going to go and eat some muffins that raegan baked... wow i am so exited i thnk they are going to tasete sooooo gooooood. love and peace