Tuesday, May 25, 2010

drinking red stripe and creemore

Mer's birthday celebrations at the Dakota Tavern, April 11.

Have I told you guys about one of the best sites on my list of bookmarks?
Notcot, and its sister site Notcouture, are the some of the most addicting and user-friendly pages on the web - chock full of cool things to look at. Here are a few items I found on it today:

I so want this!

The work of Swedish artist, Michael Johansson

ABC Chairs, a set of 26.

Read the New York Times article, "The Joys of Jumpology"

Beautiful neckpiece by "remnant by mimic"

This takes me back to elementary school.. my grade 5 teacher used to collect vintage lunchboxes and display them around our classroom.

Sandra Backlund, Spring/Summer 2010. Genius.

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