Monday, June 6, 2011


Toronto's LG Fashion Week
These photos are from the shows I attended during the past two seasons of fashion week here in Toronto, which means they're really, really old news for most of you!

- October 2010 -

Amanda Lew Kee S/S 2011
Loved this collection. Lew Kee's signature electric blue lips adorned all the models on her runway as they strutted in a nude palette of sportswear-meets-cocktail-hour pieces.
The Leask sisters :)

Denis Gagnon S/S 2011
Incredible. Loved everything about this Beetlejuice-punk collection - beautifully draped fringe, stripes, leather and lace. Denis totally hit the nail on the head with this one - a perfect formula of textures and colours and shapes. Nothing especially avant-garde, just a handsome culmination of the trends at the time: like I said - fringe! stripes! leather! lace!

- April 2011 -

Denis Gagnon F/W 2011
Hmm. Wasn't as excited about this collection as his last. Could see where he was going in terms of colour, but the combinations were a little half-baked for my taste.. but then again, 70% of my wardrobe is black, so who am I to talk about that? Still, after seeing the clashing colour combos that do work (see Prada, Jil Sander, Proenza Schouler), I really didn't like those two pinks together (first image below). The loose knits, and the teal and vermilion, I didn't mind as much! There were also some interesting laser-cut fur pieces (that I didn't get any good snaps of, unfortunately) with a lot of potential, but overall the collection fell a little flat due to poor styling.

Post-DG perusing.


Label F/W 2011
Nothing new here. Just some very wearable clothes that happen to be super 90s-grunge-chic. My spot in the show didn't allow for any dece shots, so I didn't even bother taking any more and stuck to old-fashioned, just plain watching instead ;). Loved the little short film they showed on the flat-screens before the models burst out into the studio. Again, nothing ground-breaking, but definitely some very cute threads.

My adorable LGFW partner-in-crime, Lili Sie. Lili is an awesome jewelry designer and the piece she wore that day certainly turned a few heads, including one of Toronto's frequent-fashion-flyer members, Gail McInnes. Check out Lili's jewelry and blog here.

Chloe Comme Parris F/W 2011
Three words. Those buckled bags. Every single person in attendance fell in love and wanted one.

Lil's outfit. Loved her sheer maxi-length button-up shirt dress and black fur stole.
Over to Marche for a quick bite, we were starved!

Pink Tartan F/W 2011
 Femme-military winter wear.
Lili & I
Kell & I! Fatefully ran into her after the Pink Tartan show and shared a cab home :)

More posts to come soon, including a new shoot featuring some of my favourite pieces from the third-year menswear collections showcased at Wanderlust. Hope all of you have been enjoying the wicked weather we've been having in Toronto. xo


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