Sunday, August 5, 2012

catchup ketchup

Hi, stranger. Guess what? I've decided to start blogging again!
Why? I'm going to Korea to teach English for six months! I figured this would be the perfect place to manage a travel blog and keep friends and fam updated on my life in Asia. Most likely will be pretty image heavy (you know me) and slim on text.

Anywho, before I start things off with that venture, let me update you a little bit about what I've been up to since my last post six months ago.

I graduated! Sure feels strange and honestly I don't think it's hit me yet. This summer has been all about well, summer!

I finished my documentary! And uploaded it online! (Back in May.) "EPILOGUE: the future of print" was the result of my undergraduate thesis and a solid school year's worth of work (most of it came together in February and March). I also created a website to accompany the project, which you can get to by clicking the image below:

And here is the completed video. If you can't get through the full 24 minutes, I recommend fast forwarding and at least watching the last 10.

Remember Mass Exodus? I was lucky enough to help out a bit this year as well! I shot a little behind the scenes video for their editorial and contributed a couple of images for their magazine.

Here are a few photos from the same day:


Another set of behind the scenes comin' atcha. Tala Berkes' masters thesis collection - got to shoot a couple photos during her videoshoot! Click through to her blog post about the project to find out more.

I did a few photoshoots here and there close to the end of school. One was for my uber talented friend, who also graduated this year (from Fashion Design). ALIKPALA is Alyssa's debut/fourth year collection. Love every single piece!

Model: Melissa (Fayme)
Styling: Alyssa Alikpala
Photography: Hanah Chung

And for Alyssa and her boyfriend Kevin's menswear collection - Fall 2012 pieces are available for purchase this fall. Think sophisticated, grown-up streetwear. Check out their website for the rest of the photos and more info.

Models: Sean & Evan
Styling: Alyssa Alikpala & Kevin Chao
Photography: Hanah Chung

Every year the 4th year Comm girls compete for a spread in Flare magazine. 
This was our group's entry:

Sadly we didn't win! Oh wellz. Here are a few other images from the shoot.

Models: Danielle (Elmer Olsen), Chantal & Shelbey (Spot6)
Direction: Andrea Leask, Paris Nightingale
Photography: Hanah Chung

Holy f*ck that was a lot of photos. You're awesome if you made it all the way down here. 

I fly out to Korea tomorrow - it's only really starting to hit me now. Let's hope I can do a better job of maintaining opheliasfuneral over there. Keep your eyes peeled for updates from the other side of the world, friends!

xx Han

P.S. Speaking of ketchup: 


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