Tuesday, October 23, 2012

boseong green tea fields

On the following Sunday in Boseong after the Gwangju Biennale, we hopped on a bus to check out the green tea fields there. Well worth the admission and hike for a wonderful view of perfectly manicured green tea brush. When we went, it started off with a drizzle that later transitioned into a full on downpour. It made for a wet adventure, but the rain and resulting mist made the fields all the more beautiful and tranquil.

Slippery and muddy trails on the way down made it a little precarious for a klutz like me

Soaked, with or without an umbrella
Curious about these burial mounds in the middle of the fields and why they are there?

A trip to the green tea fields wouldn't be complete without some soft serve green tea icecream!

And here are a few random snapshots from around the small town of Boseong.

Machines used to grind red chilli peppers into flakes
Some Boseong Konglish for you: "Fersonal Stylis Club"
I call this "Pile of Junk in the Rain No. 468"

Daegu snaps are next!


andie said...

love this post hanah boo boo! thats your new nickname I've decided.

ophelia's funeral said...

Haha I like it!

Unknown said...

oooo green tea fields... green tea ice cream, green tea baked goods... my heaven *drool*