Sunday, October 21, 2012

gwangju biennale

During the third weekend in September, I made my way down towards the southern province of Jeollanamdo and checked out the Gwangju Biennale. It's on until November 11th, so if you're in Korea you should definitely check it out! Five galleries of installations, sculptures, and photographs - basically a plethora of interesting pieces well worth your time. We spent a good chunk of our afternoon here and also had a magical run-in with a phoneless Jaimie! Perfect.

Haha. Creeping on Taylor
Captured in a square
Mustard yellow
Fully functional instruments
This piece was much more extensive than this - I could stand there watching it go for hours. Hard to explain via photos, but it was an ornate system of music boxes, shadow puppets, praxinoscopes, stop motion, etc. I got some interesting footage from parts of this piece.
Crossing the bridge to the next set of galleries
Three pairs
I love this shot a lot
Pretty cool school trip I'd say
Creeping on Jaimie now
Cool cat
This was such a crazy piece - layers of scratched plexiglass create this three dimensional "image"

Once we got our fill of art, the three of us headed to Boseong for a night out with a group of TaLK scholars who also happened to be in town for the weekend. The following day we trekked out to the green tea fields, photos of which I'll post next! x

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