Monday, October 1, 2012

last few weeks in joch

Here is a big pile of photos from the last two weeks of TaLK orientation in Jochiwon. Can you believe it? It's been over a month since it all happened! These make me miss everyone a lot. I feel like we've all grown a lot as teachers since then... when we had no idea what was coming for us! Haha.

Mock lessons
K-Pop dance class
Our instructors! This is when we learned a part of Gangnam Style.
Ginna and Jaimie breaking it down
Basement jam sesh

One evening we hung out ajushi-style. Can't get much better than that.
Kev and the dixie cup holder we got from that awesome eyewear shop in Hongdae. This couldn't be more picture perfect.
Love this girl!
Gangwondo reppin'
Badass Jaimiecat on a delivery scooter hahaha
Ddeok making class! (Traditional Korean rice cakes)
Our adorable and charismatic chef/instructor
How pretty are the chef's demo rice cakes?
Ours on the other hand are very, er, artsy!
Randy! Always getting into trouble
Things obviously got a little rowdy
Fab Five
Haha Erick!
The evening class participants

When our respective POE (Provincial Office of Education) Supervisors came to visit us, we all had to dress up and look our best. Everyone looked pretty darn sharp.

And dandy.

We also had a video contest for which each group was a contender. Jaimie and I were primarily there as moral support for Ginna and her genius editing skills, but the three of us stayed up until six in the morning putting it together. Our concept? The Real World: TaLK.

Here is the final video:

Group Six's entry unfortunately didn't make the cut but our awesome group coordinators, Nermin & Randy, threw us a pizza party regardless!
Michelle & Caleh are obviously upset we didn't win.. haha jokes
"The Pizza"
Don't know whose sketchbook this was but these doodles were cute
 A lot of pizza was consumed
Nerms and Randy were cute and handed out awards!
Cool Cat Award.. who else? ;)
Most Likely to Bother Randy
Re-enactment of said award title
Ginna is hardcore pimpin'
A thank-you from our group! D'awe..
Love. You may not realize, but this photo features Miss Congeniality, Cool Cat, and Excellence award winners... Quite the dream team if I say so myself!
The evening continued with the Peppero game! The pictures below make the rules pretty self-explanatory.
This photo is officially priceless.
Could they be any prettier?
And the scandal continues!!!
A night in Jochiwon wouldn't be right without finishing it off at the Benches.
Nate & Em
This was supposed to be a candid but Taylor turned and looked at the camera like he knew it was coming

And then it was a sad August 24th, our last day in Joch!

Our last morning briefing :(
Prezzies and cards from the group
Randy to the bitter end
And this is why Josh got the Helping Hand award.. he did this after every briefing - held the door open for everyone that is!
We completed our orientation successfully! Here's proof.
And off we went to the closing ceremony. For Group 6, Ginna was awarded the Excellence Award (cuz she is simply excellent!), and I was voted Miss Congeniality (who knows why - my groups members are awesome.)
Closing ceremony
Ted, our photographer, is always ready for the camera
Packed, piled, and ready to go
Shortly after, we all piled into our respective buses and spread out all over South Korea like jam.
What good times.
Miss you all to bits.

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