Wednesday, January 2, 2013

busan birthday

Happy New Year!

Still about two months behind on posts. Here's Halloween in Busan, when the gang got together for Em's birthday. We had a teeny tiny bit of fun ;) I was a late arrival on Friday evening but joined the others already sprawled out by the water on Haeundae Beach. 

Smilin' birthday girl
New friends, Minh & Jared
Male model friends
Mini Emmers
Booty Booty - why would you say no to that?

The following morning, the girls headed over to the Busan Aquarium while the guys camped out in a Starbucks.

Water snakes are the freaking coolest

It'd been raining on and off all morning but by the time we headed out of the aquarium, it was really coming down hard. Typhoon-level wind and rain forced us to make a run for it, but I quickly grabbed a few snaps of the stormy ocean and shore.

Umbrellas rendered pointless in this shower

Once back in our rooms we dried off and relaxed for a bit.

Super random "costume" pile
Nate layering costumes.. those glasses made its rounds that night
Baha Tay so creepy
Mad scientist zombie?
Return to middle school
Jason as Hefner?

We then made our way out for Halloween. First stop: a cute book cafe which happened to be hosting a super weird (definitely creepy) crowd that night. Nevertheless, we had a great time playing Apples to Apples and sexy jenga while drinking sangria and warmed up Baileys.

Mesh shirt guy? Frightening.
Our second stop was another great little cafe with an awesome grass-covered rooftop patio.

Kaptain Kev keepin' it klassy as usual
Our umbrella light installation
Creature of the night
After chill times at the cafe, we finally trekked over to the Halloween party at Vinyl Underground.

Ginbabe is a beautiful babe
These next photos were taken by Nathan on my beloved Olympus. 
Super cool, green, & candid. Love how they turned out!

How awesome were those?
Overall a fun time here.

Tay and Erbear's new bearded BFF
Heehee so happy
BAaaha Kev
Foggy love
On the streets - it was a little strange seeing so many non-Koreans out at one time. I'd guesstimate about 80% of the crowd was foreign, with many having gone all out with their costumes.

I spy an oompaloompa

Sunday, we frolicked on the beach for a bit.
The weather was perfect - hot like summer and blue skies forever.

Beach babe
Beach babe two
Beach babe three
Beach babe four

The girls.
I love.
The beach bombshell trifecta
Friends :)
Sunscreen: necessary
Fur on a hot day like this = craziness
If Karl Lagerfeld had a habit of wearing hats and was Korean, this is what he'd look like.
Bookstore vending machine

Last stop: the infamous Jagalchi Fish Market in Nampo-dong. Not sure if it was because of the nice weather, the fact it was Sunday, or if it's always like this - but the market was crazy busy. Chaotic and at times difficult to walk without stepping on someone's toes. While taking photos, I fell a couple minutes behind the rest of the group and lost them for a good hour. Not fun when you're phone-less with a bus home to Wonju to catch (which I missed in the end), but that didn't mean I stopped taking photos while I looked for them! So many sights, smells, and sounds.

Ladies in red

Seoul weekend, Sancheong, New Years, and classroom photos still to come... 


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