Sunday, February 3, 2013

gangnam style x rye high

I almost forgot about this little blip in December, when four Ryerson '12 grads got together in Seoul and had a night out on the town in Gangnam. How crazy!

Thanks to Jean's lovely and generous parentals, we spent the night at the Intercontinental in Gangnam, wink!

OCD shelves
Gilbert & George piece in the lobby 
At dinner, coffee came in this adorable mug. I want!
Mirror shot #489482

We headed to Octagon, one of the better known clubs in Gangnam. Every girl here was unbelievably attractive and skinny mini.

The girls' bathroom might as well have been another lounge area, so busy all the time 
Our pretty dranks
My failed attempts at getting all four of us in a photo
Sorry Alice!
Pretty pretty ladies
Jeanie and her long-lost Heine
We found a pair of abandoned glasses on a table and needless to say, it was passed around.

The fog machine and cigarette smoke didn't make for the the most pleasant air to breathe in

We danced till we couldn't take it anymore and returned to our room to pass out. The next day we parted ways with promises to meet up later in the afternoon. Jean took me back to her place and her parents took us out for some pho.

Magazine browsing while waiting for our table
Cute peanut pastries from a street vendor
Subway street art
Jean's killer kicks

 After lunch and a trip to the Shilla Duty Free department store, we were dropped off at Gwangjang Market in north Seoul. One of the biggest and craziest outdoor markets I've seen in Korea with rows on rows of street food and ajummas hard at work - definitely worth a visit when in the city!

This place is famous for their 빈대떡 (mung bean pancakes) and had a line out the door. Dirt cheap, large portions, and delicious.
Happy and satisfied customers

 Second floor of the market = vintage labyrinth! Tonnes to see, but you need to carve out a good chunk of time to guarantee a stress-free shopping experience. It was a little overwhelming - especially with all the salespeople haggling you to try it on, take a look, and buy, buy, buy!

Denim heaven
Doc block
Exausted: best word to describe how I felt post-Gwangjang. 

Our last stop of the night was in the heart of Apgujung (otherwise known as Plastic City, where the streets are lined with cosmetic surgery clinics and beauty centres), to attend the Future Shorts event at Platoon Kunsthalle.

Starry Night
Platoon: very cool venue constructed of shipping containers

They happened to screen one of my favourite shorts about artist John Baldessari, which I really enjoyed watching again on a big screen and is worth checking out, if you haven't already. Brilliantly edited, funny, and narrated by Tom Waits - couldn't ask for more:


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