Wednesday, February 13, 2013

tri-city new years: jinju


- DAY THREE (continued) -

Ginna invited us to join her at a New Year's potluck party at Table 9, the Jinju cafe she frequents.  Like Jaimie's close relationship with the cafe owners at Honest Bear in Sancheong, Ginna's made friends with the owners at Table 9, IB and J. Mi, who are also a cute couple. 

We were treated to a live performance by two friends of IB and J.Mi, and again, I had to get some footage. Don't be fooled by their cute and nerdy appearance, their voices were like butter. I am currently working on a video and will update the post with it soon!

The swooning ladies

A number of the pieces hanging on the cafe walls were constructed by IB, including the large stamp piece and the cool wooden table with the jagged edge.

Totally stealing this DIY idea
Framed photos taken by IB
How cool is this hand-crafted table?
Label love

After ringing in 2013 at the cafe, we headed back to Ginna's house, cafe crew in tow. Even more alcohol was consumed, and I retired early by passing out on Ginna's bed... while everyone else went to the rooftop to light up some roman candles. Can't believe I missed that!

Erick brought his Korean flag for everyone to sign
Drunk Jenga is very difficult
The beats. Thanks Nathan!

The following morning wasn't an easy one, but the gorgeous day outside made it all okay.

On our venture to brunch, Erick stumbled on this guy (mirror). Silly pictures had to be taken!

For brunchies, Ginna took us to Bean's Farm, where we had the closest thing to a North American breakfast since that one time in Seoul back in August.

It's too bad I don't have more photos of the cafe restaurant - it was a huge space with high ceilings,  large windows, clean lines, and a lot of smooth natural finishes.
Em knows what's up: syrup on er'thang
The verdict: Eggs, not great. Bacon, tasted like bacon! Woohoo! French toast, thick and fluffy and amazing. But Korea, fries ain't hashbrowns!

After saying goodbye to Erick, the girls headed to check out Jinju's castle/fort, atop which we got a nice view of the city. 
Thanks to it being New Year's day, admission was free.

The Korean snowman
Love, love, love
This was the temple at the fort
Temple palms - where are the coconuts?

We found the elaborate paper lanterns from Jinju's annual paper lantern festival stored under the overpass, away from the snow. I didn't get to see these guys lit up, but it was cool to see them in hibernation. Ginna tells me everything is done by hand: the wire frame constructions, the painted exteriors.

Twinsies No. 2

The street we took on the way back to Ginna's was littered with galleries and shops selling old stoneware and statues.

Twinsies No. 3

Three cities, six buses, an unexpected layover in a jjimjilbang in Daegu en route to Wonju - a total of 12+ hours of travel time not including transfers... A busy weekend indeed. All of it 100% worth it for the quality time spent with the people I love.

Happy 2013 everyone!


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