Tuesday, April 23, 2013

insta-life: seoul

The fam got together for a second consecutive weekend in Seoul. We skipped out on the Tim Burton exhibit (the wait was 2 hours for a half-hour viewing limit) after planning to meet there, and instead we ventured to City Hall and then wandered back to Samcheong-dong. I purposely left my camera at home after taking too many photos the weekend before, and of course I ended up spamming everyone's instagram feed with these..

Crazy sculptures that are super confusing to look at in real life

Exterior of the new city hall

We had dinner in a beautiful restaurant in Samcheongdong. There was a bit of a wait for a table and we were told we could bide our time on their rooftop. It was a little chilly but the view was lovely.

As evidenced by this first photo of a dirty mopface.

"Korea" chimney stack

Drooling thinking about this..
J and I :)

Er and Tay

Finding a cab to Gangnam from Samch ended up being a bit of a nightmare, but we finally got to Platoon Kunsthalle for the Future Shorts event. We arrived late and the place by then was at capacity. A fun set of short films, of which I enjoyed "Slitage" (Seeds of the Fall) the most.


Jaimie and PSY vs KJU mural (Gangnam Art District Project)

The next morning, we went up to the rooftop at Seoul Base Camp for breakfast. They were serving waffles and crepes with the most amazing apple jam.

We couldn't have asked for better weather. After checking out of the hostel, we trekked out for a day of exploration in Hongdae and Sangsu-dong.

Jake, owner of Seoul Base Camp, recommended we check out Anthracite Coffe Roasters. It is probably the coolest cafe I've been to since coming to Korea - and that's saying a lot considering the amount of cute and cool cafes that dot the city of Seoul alone. I'll definitely be returning with my real camera in hand so I can actually show you guys how beautiful the space is.

Sam's Bagels is housed in the coffee shop. I opted for a 5000 won pizza bagel - worth every cent.

Back on the streets, we spotted some unique store windows.

This was Oval, a beautiful stationery store that might as well have been an art gallery. 
Can my future home workspace look something like this?

Up next, our country-side getaway weekend in Hwagae.

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