Tuesday, August 6, 2013

culture trip: geoje, tongyeong, busan

So much has happened since my last post! So many goodbyes have been exchanged between friends who have wrapped up their teaching contracts and have flown back to their respective hometowns or onwards to new travels. It's been a bittersweet month to say the least!

Meanwhile, I have loads of photos to catch up on.

Each semester, the Provincial Office of Education takes the TaLK scholars on a "cultural trip." Last year we were taken to Ulleung Island, a beautiful small fishing town off the east coast. This time around, we were taken to the southeast part of the Korean peninsula, the first part of which I am posting here.

I. Geoje-do Prisoner of War Museum, Gyeongnam

Poor Alyssa was suffering from an injury.. but watching our supervisor push her around was quite comic
Too smiley to be prisoners if you ask me!
Cool mini hologram man who guided us through the miniature model scenario
Again with the squat! And this time, anatomically correct.. had to be documented.
Photo zone! "Please join the prisoners at their dinner table"
Gift shop wares. Super high fashion.
I mean.. camo, animal print, AND a huge painted lion's head? So en pointe! (lol)
The TaLK scholars of Gangwondo! Pre-group photo.

II. Yi-Sun-Shin Park, Tonyeong

Jane says: "I'm the king of the world!"
Our hilariously modest dinner.. I didn't think it was so bad! But more appropriate for a picnic lunch maybe..

We were all pretty exhausted by the time we got to our hotel. It had been a long day of early travel and long bus rides. Lucky for us, we were greeted by a nice room with a great view.


As tired as we were, it was the first time we were all hanging out in months, so a bunch of us went to the bowling alley. 
It was boys vs girls, with ice cream on the line, and the game got intense!

The gals ended up buying the ice cream :( haha.

III. Busan Tower

A small gallery at the foot of the tower
Hazy day down by the ports
A prime example of the Korean couple outfit

Next: Oedo Botanical Garden and Andong Folk Village in two parts.

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