Thursday, January 9, 2014

jinju nye

This New Year's Eve weekend was like last year's - city hopping towards Jinju for Table 9's potluck party on the 31st. Thinking about it now, it was eerily similar... I was in all the same cities - Busan, Geochang, Jinju. Some old friends, some new. Fewer transportation headaches. Many, many bottles of wine. Lots of delicious food and equally delicious live music. Overall, a really wonderful way to say goodbye to 2013. What a year! Here's to the new one.

Garnishing, always garnishing
Kevin's prize-winning "Fricassée de Poulet à l'Ancienne" aka delicious
Cafe owner IB kicking things off

Kevin's fricassee and my banana bread tied for first with six votes each. We won this bottle of wine!
These photos make me smile
Our superstar takes the stage

Such a lovely night bringing in the new year. Lots of fun. Admittedly had a little too much wine, and my hangover the following morning was something else. We recovered with freshly ground coffee and french toast courtesy of our lovely host Ginna.

Sloane enjoying his morning (Irish) coffee

Can't believe the next post will be my 50th in Korea! 

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