Sunday, June 15, 2014

be kind, rewind

Today marks three months out of Korea - already! Time freaking flies! In my attempt to catch up on this whole blogging thing, I am dumping here a tonne of photos I took during my last month. I moved house at the end of January, from my apartment in Wonju to my grandma's place just north of Seoul, and spent my remaining time there with friends new and old in the big city.

Since then, I've been home to Vancouver twice, visited friends in Toronto, trekked over to Paris, and now I am currently settled in New York for the time being. It's been a whirlwind to say the least, and naturally there are many photos that document these travels, currently sitting unshared, unseen, useless, in a long queue of posts to come. Wish me luck in getting them up!

Sloane and I checked out the Gentle Monster showroom in Gangnam. Very quirky, very cool space.

Korea is littered with these miniature doors and I don't understand why they exist!
Saw this right after stepping out of Gentle Monster, seemed appropriate. Also that second PSY "hit"... oy.

Sinsa strolls

Circles and squares
After, after
The most congested I've ever seen a subway exit, Hongdae

Bling Night Flea at Platoon

Did everyone here catch me sneaking a pic or whattt?

I forget that it was still winter in February. Those cold SoKo temperatures seem very far away.

Back to Base.

Min and his "severed" thumb! Haha what a trooper
Miss this babe!
Super nurse-y/institutional! #seoulfashion
The Fashion Coat

Gwangjang Market, for street food and vintage, what else?

Can someone clarify the difference between chopped pork with ham and chopped ham with pork? Also, "NORMEAT" - like Norman, but with meat.

The Dongdaeumun Design Plaza wasn't open yet, so we ogled at its curves from outside the fence.

And a random selection of instagrams & snaps...

After all of that, my flight was turned around about an hour in because of some technical issues! Our plane sat on the tarmac at ICN for a couple more hours.. I took it as a sign. Miss this place.

Toronto next, xx.


DAVIDPD said...

Wonderful work as always Hanah. // Where was that coffee shop? It looks like I could get coffee there.

ophelia's funeral said...

Thanks David! :) It's a well-known spot in Sinsa - Talk/Service, the cafe in the front part of Allo Papergarden.

Erica Chen said...

Hanah!!!! I FRECKEN love your pictures. You make me want to go to Seoul.... I love your perspective of life (heart eyes emoticon)