Monday, November 9, 2009

part III: dancing hands

What a night.
Photos from Halloween to come soontime.



THE CAT'S MIU said...

WHO ARE YOU AND WHY HAVE I NEVER SEEN SUCH PRETTY PHOTOS BEFORE (especially of my fellow schoolmates!?)

seriously though, who are you! i'm alice... i don't think we've ever met...
your photos are really amazing. i looked at all of them, even from previous posts.

BUT OMG, you have no idea, i've wanted the PS1 for like, EVER. ultimately, black is on the top of my list, then maybe the neon yellow or the coral (they're tied) and then the animal skins if i ever had the extra money.. haha

ophelia's funeral said...

haha hi alice, yes isn't the schouler fab? too bad it's only a couple of grand :(

i just creeped your blog and i'm pretty sure you're in my illustration class! i'm hanah if that clears anything up. but i don't think we've ever been in a section together before illustration so we really have never met. thanks for the compliment though and maybe i will see you in class.. if you're the same person i think you are! :)