Friday, December 7, 2012

mukho port, dokdo museum, ulleungdo day one

Here comes the flood of two-month old photos! My poor laptop was getting by with less than 2gb of space, so doing any postwork or uploading was near impossible. I ordered a 1TB external drive to lift some of the weight off of the computer, and of course - with Korean shipping - it arrived at my doorstep a day and a half after I placed the order online. 

For our Gangwondo cultural trip, we were taken to Ulleungdo and Dokdo. I've divvied the photos into three parts: Mukho Port and the Dokdo Museum, the Ulleung coast & Dokdo, and the Botanical Gardens & Nari Basin. Ulleung Island is a real gem. We did a good deal of walking and were fortunate enough to have the perfect weather for it also. 

Bussing to Mukho Port in Donghae
We had a little time to kill before our four hour boat ride so we took to roaming the streets
Wish we had time to check out this quirky cafe
The rainbow of Gangwondo TaLK scholars
Our island digs. Was definitely run-down but apparently so are most other hotels on Ulleungdo.
Being oriented
This island is as hilly as it is beautiful
Here we began the steep trek up to the Dokdo Museum
The gondola we didn't get to ride
No safety gear to be seen here - a Korean norm
Steph's great picture of me.. thanks girl.
Our very sweet bus driver and tour guide

As you can see, a huge part of the Ulleung economy is the squid you see above. All over the entire island are "fields" of these tentacled sea creatures being dried in the sun. Quite the sight.

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