Friday, December 7, 2012

the ulleung coast and dokdo

We spent the next day doing a tonne of walking. 
Pretty certain we encircled the entire island of Ulleung.

The beginning of my shots of our climbing wanderer, Josh.. more to come in this post. Spot the monkey.
Our POE Supervisor
Tiara and her walking stick lol

We then made the painful trip to Dokdo - it was two and a half hours of agony. I'm telling you, if you're the type to get motion sickness, avoid this boat ride like the plague. I don't normally get ill but this was more like an amusement park ride (comparable to sitting in a spinning teacup that happened to be situated on a roller coaster). Luckily the weather was kind enough for us to step foot off the boat and take photos for a few minutes. 

Do you see the moon?
Dokdo Dog
Elephant Rock
Ulleung Island has the best hunks of rock. Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.
And so on.
Sister family portrait, much?
Poor mouse committed suicide.. just couldn't take it anymore.
Sun looking pensive
I think this rock was supposed to look like a lion.
So beautiful.
That colour!
Walking down this was a little scary, with missing railings and the like
Glenn had a go at it
Aren't they beautiful?

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Unknown said...

This looks like a very enlightening trip. I wish that my funeral in Richmond Hill could be this exciting. Thanks for sharing.