Thursday, March 7, 2013

TEJAKULA: jomaro beach house


Finally! Bali photos. Here is the very first installment of many (I have, er, eight planned... sorry guys). 
Did you notice the mini makeover? Thought it'd be appropriate since I'm devoting so many posts to Bali. 

A group of us made the week-long trip during our winter holiday in January. Despite the fact that we all live in different cities, plans managed to come together quite quickly. Jaimie, Taylor, and I flew out first, with Ginna and Emily to join us three days later. We had a four hour layover in Shanghai (where we discovered green tea mousse Pocky, the most amazing ever), followed by a semi-painful six hour flight to Denpasar, where our driver picked us up to take us to our getaway. The drive to the beach house was incredible: three hours through the mountains from the south end of the island to essentially the northernmost end. Windows down, taking in the smell of summer rain, dozing in and out of consciousness. We got to watch the sun as it rose between the volcanos and no words or pictures can describe how amazing the sky was that morning. The closest I can get to it is "electric," as Jaimie called it.

I'll start with a post featuring our first few days at the Jomaro Beach House. Jaimie found the spot through Airbnb (which I highly recommend you use as an option for accommodations, anywhere you travel), and booking the two bedroom house was as easy as pie. Located in the small, secluded town of Tejakula, this spacious oceanfront property could have easily slept a group of ten or more. The house was equipped with a kitchen and two large outdoor bathrooms - which were a dream to shower in, by the way. Imagine bathing under lush green palms by day or under the stars by night.. 

When we weren't out exploring town, we spent our days lounging around the house, reading, writing, napping, sipping on drinks, chatting, swimming in the ocean... I've already written way too much; I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Beautiful woodwork throughout the entire house
Apparently these fishing boats were made entirely from scratch with materials found on the premises
Palms for days
Everyone napped together, including the stray
Komang made a new arrangement every morning
Chats with Mega, who owns the property and the pups. He wanted to practice his English with us, but it was already excellent. His daughter Komang was our housekeeper, and both of them were most kind and welcoming. Gin and Tay would later take a ride in his fishing boat!
No means no?
Best buds
Bintang and mojitos

For our first dinner in Bali, we stayed "in" and ate at the yoga/healing centre next door.

Nasi goreng (fried rice)

Falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean was incredible.

Looking up from the bathroom - why can't mine have a view like this?
Morning, ocean.
Heehee ponytail on a lamp

A couple mornings we indulged in the breakfast buffet at the healing centre. It was nice having access to their amenities, but we were removed enough to have the perfect amount of privacy.

This was the perfect spot to sit and think, even if it was about nothing at all, and listen to the waves crash repeatedly onto the shore.

I think Taylor went snorkeling every morning. We were steps from the ocean, after all.

Jaimie tagged along for a lesson. Here they are suited up and ready to go.

How cute are these nerds
Bobo wanted in on the fun
But he lost interest and found a pebble to play with
Bobbing heads

Sunsets at the beach house were almost as spectacular as the sunrise. We couldn't see it from where we were, but the sun lit the sky on fire. For a while, everything was a deep shade of pink. 

A wonderful trip with wonderful friends.
Our trip into town is next.

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