Sunday, March 10, 2013

TEJAKULA: town & folk

Tejakula was exactly what we were looking for in a getaway - a glimpse into an authentic Bali, far removed from the tourist crowds. Our journey into town from the beach house was about a twenty minute walk along an unpaved dirt road. What we found was a secluded village of friendly people and their humble but handsomely ornamented, colourful homes, all against a backdrop of lush greens. We were also treated to a lot of curious stares and smiles.

This is how gasoline is sold in Bali - isn't that wild?
Doors, gates, fences - almost always embellished with decorative details. This one was particularly beautiful.
A little piece of Sanrio in Tejakula
Supposedly everything that is considered holy is covered/wrapped in cloth like this
I really enjoyed all the hand-painted signage
Those are roosters (of the cock-fighting variety) in the baskets
Family scooter ride
Alleyway parking spot
God Bless
Our dinner - we had no idea what we were getting but it was tasty and only 70 cents a plate!
Entrance to a relatively unmaintained soccer field (!) pictured in the first two images of this post
Homeward bound, back to the beach house

Next up, our tour of northern Bali.

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