Friday, March 22, 2013

TEJAKULA: the ladies of jomaro

Two days after our arrival at the beach house, Emily and Ginna joined in on the fun. They came to us in the middle of the night, and the three of us woke up to greet them with groggy but excited hugs. Poor Taylor was in for a treat - four sexy ladies to keep him company for the rest of the trip: a curse or a blessing?

We spent the following day sunbathing, lounging, sketching, writing, spreading out like melted butter... wonderfully lazy and casually productive. Carefree.

Couldn't not take a picture of this vision
Sexy silhouette
Gins telling us the story of the butterfly
Jaimes taking it in

Then it started to rain and the girls danced, frolicked, cartwheeled... 
This is also just after Ginna found out her work would be featured in [b]racket magazine - ecstatic.

Taytay chimed in - look at that form! That pointed toe!

We headed back in the house to dry off a bit before lunch.
Em's booty shorts happened to match our centerpiece flower that day.

Hot damn pink booty
Beautiful girls at work
The rain clouded the horizon and created a perfect gradient
Hammock hideout. Tay and Bobo
Rosie the Riveter, is that you?
Jaimie being treated to one of Em's famed neck/head messages
More doodles
Ginna drawing me a Bali brain
Play tattoos

We ordered whole coconuts at our last meal in Tejakula. 
We didn't realize they would be so huge! We could've ordered one and shared it between the five of us.

Emily Jefferies. I miss you and your theatrics dearly.

Kokonut knockers

We reluctantly said our goodbyes to our home in Tejakula, and headed out to the second half of our holiday: Ubud. 
With the next post, I'll give you a mini tour of our digs there.

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