Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On a sunny weekend, a bunch of the Gangwondo TaLK scholars got together for a little day trip to Chiaksan. Wonju isn't a very pretty city, but the Chiak mountains flank its entire east side and are nice to look at once you look past all the ugly. 

The pictures below are actually from a potluck at my place months ago, but it was another province-wide get together so I thought it'd be appropriate to include them here.

My first attempt at making ddeokbokki! Looked scary red when I was making it but luckily it wasn't actually that spicy.
Sean's first ever (and super successful) batch of French toast! With cookie crumbs sprinkled over top
Team effort - thanks for helping to roll these Sean!

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for this mini-hike. Sunny and stupidly warm for an early March day!

I focused on the wrong guy each time lol
Typical Tim

The quick trek to the falls was a nice, leisurely walk. The waterfall was a little anticlimactic though, perhaps it hadn't reached its full potential because it was still partially frozen? We took the opportunity to sit for a bit, have some refreshments, and take in the nice surroundings.

Bright colours are essential to the Korean hiking uniform
Haha awe
Butt shot
Adventurous Alyssa
Too cute: Reggie, Grace, and Jason
Kimbap, the choice snack to bring on any Korean outing
Three cuties on a boulder

A number of us decided to keep going. The rest of the trail is known to be much more difficult than the scenic walk to the waterfall, and at the time the snow had half-melted, leaving patches of slippery ice alongside slippery mud.

I joined in with a few of the more adventurous crew to go even a little further, but we ended up cutting the hike short and heading back. Partially because it was getting late and the trail was getting more icy, but mostly because I was being a big wuss.

Yea.. I don't belong with these real hikers
Sarah and I
Ajummas taking a nap
Mud-laden runners
The Pink Ladies
Down to their phone cases and nails - haha wow!
Hahaha what a goofball
Cute baby who could barely walk but ran better
Group shot!
Nice one Raheem
Ajumma posse

After getting off the bus at Usandong, we ventured to find the "Mexican" place that had just opened up in Wonju. Usan neighborhood boasts some of the most ghetto looking areas in Wonju, in my opinion. Fun to photograph, that's for sure.

Sad to say, our burritos were a huge disappointment, and I am still craving Chipotle so hard.

Just no.

Despite the let-down of a meal, I think we all had a great time that day! It was nice being out and about on such a beautiful day with some awesome people.

Next up, Seoul weekend snappies. x

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