Thursday, April 11, 2013

urban twilight: seoul saturday

The gang got together for the Grimes concert in Seoul over the second to last weekend of March. We had purchased the tickets back in December and somehow between Christmas, Bali, and going back to work, the day had arrived in no time at all. Time flies, people!

We started the afternoon with a return to Garosu, and Kev and I were eager to share its wealth of the beautiful and the cool. People, cafes, shopping, everything.

Organizing a meet up in Shinsadong
Angled green rooftop
Low ridin'
Group of paparazzi street style photogs
Shooting Erick!
All black everything

This particular Saturday afternoon was no Monday night, and Deli.Heinzburg was packed to the gills. With our names down for the half hour wait, we decided to bide our time at the Paper Garden Cafe just down the street. Beautiful interior, a lot of white on white, bare concrete, distressed wood, immaculate servers, and an expensive menu to match. Coffee in Korea is pricey to begin with, but at this pretty spot, drinks started at 8000 won (!!!) - roughly 8 bucks for you Canadians.

I dine with movie stars
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D.. hahaha too cool for school

And finally, the wait was over, and we were ushered to a spot for six.
You really learn who your true friends are when they wait for you to take a photo of their food, as tempting as it may be, before diving in... I've trained them well. (Really though, how embarrassing am I? Sorry chingoos.)

Erick's sammy was steaming hot, literally
Real mozz on my caprese sandwich

After fueling up, we wandered the alleys of Shinsa and did a bit of shopping. Both the eye kind and the real kind.

Um, hello, extremely well-polished and cool looking Korean men
Donkeys on the street like it's no big thing.
Coolest entryway on the block. The stairs lead down to a locked door - yes, we checked.

A trip to Seoul wouldn't be complete without a stop in an Aland store.

You. Great.
Affirmative notepads, I love it.
Jaimes caught sight of this first and made the connect like a seasoned Korean - the Korean word for apple, "sagwa" (사과)  is homonymous with the word for apology.
Gins joins the movie star roster
Enjoyed these digital prints
Yea, she's hot.
Always ahead, always waiting. Poor kids.
Another angled roof! Or maybe it's the same one?
Grey on grey on grey
Kay this is the second hand figure I've seen positioned like this - watchu tryin' to say Korea?
Bottle sweaters!
In-store bakery (this was a clothing/accessory shop)
The shiniest eclairs I've ever seen
Foot fetish wall at another clothing store. What's up with the camel-toe thing happening though?
Only in Korea would they poke fun at this.. or maybe I misunderstood and these are actually genuine warnings? They're ties.

Cafe-hopping is sort of something we've become really good at, so it was only natural to hop on over to another one to rest our feet.

Little loft nooks where you take off your shoes and sit on a cushy mattress seat
Who knew Dorothy was a ginger? Kev is clearly not impressed.

We made our way back to Hongdae to get ready to head out for the concert.

Will have to check out this place next time! The bread looked amazing.
A lucky number and Jaimie and my birth years
Managed to actually see these two after drunken texts and a dying phone. Tay with Esther and Brian.
Our new friend Katherine! :)
Rolling Hall
Bri and I

Rolling Hall was PACKED and we were sardined on the dance floor. I had a great time at the show but I wish it had been longer! We were kicked out as soon as Grimes was off the stage, which was a shame. 

On Sunday we snaked our way through Samcheongdong, the Basquiat exhibit, and the Bukchon Hanok Village, photos of which are up next, obviously.

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