Monday, April 1, 2013

UBUD: gallery hop

Once we had checked in at the treehouse, we hired a driver to take us to Kuta, an hour's drive away. 
Let's just say the short amount of time we spent there was more than enough. 

Not sure you want that...
Dinner in town though was excellent

The next day, we spent most of the afternoon out and about back in Ubud, checking out its many galleries. Ubud, a town which has become known as the art hub of Bali, is almost just as big of a tourist spot as Kuta, without as striking of a gritty nightlife. The main strip that leads you into the city is lined with countless "art" souvenir shops, which all carry essentially the same items - kitschy, glittery, and undesirable bits and bobs. Nevertheless, the town itself has its beauty marks and is worth a visit if you're nearby. I was also a huge fan of a recurring style of painting showcased in the area: large-scale images of expansive landscapes or scenes done in miniature, minute details included. They were fascinating to look at.

Bali B's
We were treated to a gamelan performance while we perused the art museum 
The grounds were beautiful
Where's Wayan? 
Insane amount of detail
Bali brought out the flower child in Taylor
This was a little unnerving to read on our holiday
My munchkin
Would you believe she wasn't actually making a sound when I took this? Amazing.
Tay and Gins having a go
How gorgeous are these?
Tay and his four wives signed the guest book
"Merry Christmas and Happy House for Rent"

We ended the day with dinner in a very cute restaurant on a quiet street. 

Always with the theatrics, this girl
Haa Emmers being fed by Taytay

Beautiful evening skies as usual.

I think I'll wrap up Bali with one last post of our cooking class (highlight) and the Kecak dance performance (another highlight).. xo

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