Sunday, June 16, 2013

hongdae hangs

If you need recommendations for things to see/do in Hongdae (if you've never been), here are two easy ones (there are so many more hidden gems): aA Design Museum and SangsangMadang. After Friday night burgers in Shinsadong, the first Tarantino rooftop screening at Platoon (Reservoir Dogs), chicken and beer at a German-esque pub restaurant, missing the boat on buskers in Hongdae Park, and returning to Base Camp to hang out, we went for a walk from Hapjeong to Hongdae the next morning. Such a nice day.

Sho cuuuute.. mermermer
I spy... a Korean Colonel Sanders blending in #whiteonwhite

aA Design Museum is a huge two-floor cafe/lounge space with an insane amount of seating. Apparently this place fills up in the evening, which was hard to imagine but wasn't surprising, as it's Seoul and all. The cafe serves pizza, coffee, and drinks, and down one level-and-a-half is a spacious lounge area.

My first ever affogato
Checking out the Grill5 menu across the street

 is a multi-level space located in central Hongdae. It offers four different venues: a retail store (Design Square), a gallery, a cinema, and a live hall. Design Square is on the main floor and is always fun to peruse, with a selection of unique design items in weekly rotation.

This guy
Favourite part of the Seoul subway ride, whenever we cross the Han
Question mark?

We then headed across the river to meet up with Jaimie and check out Mullae-dong. Photos of that adventure coming up!

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