Sunday, June 16, 2013

mullae art village

The Mullae subway station is a quick three stops south of Hapjeong, and we get to cross the river  - my favourite part! After meeting up with Jaimie, the four of us began to walk the neighbourhood of Mullae-dong. We had heard of a relatively unknown area of street art, studios, and galleries amidst the industrial alleyways, and I had been wanting to check it out for a while.

Another white church
Looking good Tay! Werk that sunbrella.
Floral on floral on floral - love it
Just some cabbage leaves hanging to dry, no big deal

We first came across a decrepit and what looked to be mostly abandoned market (perhaps it just wasn't market day, but it looked quite grim). It was a canopied maze of empty or covered stalls, rusting equipment, and ajummas and ajushis napping or watching tv. It felt like we had momentarily stepped into another time. 60s or 70s Korea maybe.

Thanks to me, we got hopelessly lost and made some circles which, with the hot sun beating down on us, was not so super. An unhelpful phone call to traveller's help line "1330" and some more aimless attempts later, I was ready to give up altogether. Lucky for us, Tay found a blog with much better directions. When we got there, many of the studios were closed and the area seemed semi-deserted save for the few metal shops that were open and running, but it was still cool to see what we did.

Tae Yoon
I think this was a studio gallery, but its doors were closed.
Never say never

We all got cold noodles for lunch. I had the maemil soba, which is one of my favourite summer noodle dishes. So good.

After lunch, we (minus Erbear) headed up to Sangyedong (way north of Seoul, right by Suraksan) for my grandma's birthday. Maybe I'll post a few snaps from that next :)

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