Tuesday, August 6, 2013

andong folk village

Our final stop on the provincial cultural trip was the Andong Folk Village in Gyeongbuk. Green, serene bliss. So quiet and peaceful; a truly well preserved gem with not a single concrete building in sight! I definitely recommend making the trip to this tranquil town if you are traveling SoKo.

Moped gang
Haha again, Alyssa with her mobility aide. VIP and motorized this time.
Traditional basket weavers
The village wishing tree
Jason striking a pose on the steps of one of the many hanok houses
Adorable baby basket shoes!
Traditional games and activities - standing swings, jumping see-saws, rolling hoops.. etc.
Sean's Creed?

Coming soon: posts from Gyeongju, Sancheong, Gwangju, Boseong, and Paju.. the never-ending travel list!

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