Saturday, August 17, 2013

gyeongju burial mounds

Still lots of catching up to do on the blog! I've just returned from a trip to Tokyo, which was amazing and sweaty and fun, and although I am excited to post photos from it as soon as possible, I have a few in the queue to get to first. I'll start with Erick's birthday weekend at the end of June, for which we all met up in Gyeongju. This city is known as a "museum without walls" as it is rich in historical sites, and its clusters of large burial mounds from the Shilla Dynasty are some of its more well-known. 

Gyeongju, the resident pup at our guesthouse
Bulldogs are a rare sight in Korea, so I was surprised to see this little guy
This adorable arrangement happened almost naturally (I had to ask one person to move a smidge) 
Hearts in my eyez
Birthday boy!
Kartographer Kim. I've lost count of how many of these I have!
Grandmother Willow!
Er under the 90 degree tree
Looked for a four-leaf. No luck.
She used to be "cute"
Candy stripes
The essentials

We rented bikes from the train station and rode our way about town for an hour. We stumbled on some beautiful temple remains and made a stop to take in the evening air.

If you know me, you know my love for the ampersand..

After a good night's rest, we made the trek up to Bulguksa Temple the following morning.
The grounds were very beautiful, and the weather was just right.

A very old tree on crutches?
Only the latest hi-tech gear for this temple
Prayer stones
How incredible is the light here?
Not the first time we found something pretty behind Taylor's ear
Tay hijacked my camera and a few funny shots resulted, I really like this one actually.
"One Twin Sleeps While the Other Picks Her Nose" by T.M. Lindman
Watercolour clouds

More to come soon!

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