Sunday, August 18, 2013

sanch ranch weekend

The weekend following Canada Day and Independence Day, the fam got together in Sancheong (Jaimie's town) and did the best we could to celebrate on the other side of the world. Roman candles, sparklers, Miller beer, red, white, and blue.. and as the lone Canadian in the group, I brought my A-game to represent - Canadian flags were passed around. No pictures were taken of the buttery, heavenly, deadly, gourmet grilled cheeses Kev and Tay put together for us though. Too good and devoured too quickly.

The second chola dog I've seen in SoKo!
Sancheong's medicinal fields on our walk
The fam in coordinating patriotic colours
Beautiful low hanging clouds
It rained a little on us, but no matter!
Like I said, Canadian flags were passed around
Reppin' the leaf

Looking at these photos reminds me that half of the kids here have returned to America, the country we were celebrating that weekend. Time really does fly! Missing them all to death. Luckily I've still got Kevin and Ginna with me here in SoKo.

Just photos from Gwangju/Boseong and Paju left till I can post snaps from Tokyo! :)

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