Monday, August 19, 2013

our last soko family weekend

The weekend in mid-July was Taylor and Erick's last in Korea, so we gathered once more to say our goodbyes and also to celebrate Tay's upcoming birthday. We spent our Friday night in Gwangju, and checked out the art street market there.

Haha drunk ajushi posed for my cam!

The following morning we bussed it to Boseong (Taylor's town), and went to the green tea fields, as half of the group hadn't been yet!

After a satiating dinner at one of the better restaurants in Bos, we went up to a three-storey pagoda on top of one of the higher hills in town. We "sneaked" up a cake (hard to hide a big blue box, but J and I had a laugh playing stealthy) to wish Tay a happy birthday.

Our attempt at lighting the birthday candles in secret was not so successful - such a windy night!

On Sunday morning, Taylor took us on a scenic walk around the rural part of the small town he had spent his past year living in. Boseong is insanely beautiful this time of year, with its rice fields at their greenest and lushest. It was almost hard to believe that the grass was real!

The grass was legitimately this green, if not more so. Unreal!
This man was cleaning each individual red pepper with a cloth
Picture perfect
All green everything!
Beautiful skies to wrap up a bittersweet weekend

Next up, lots of concrete and minimalist architecture in an adventure to Paju Book City.

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