Sunday, September 15, 2013

daegu art weekend: dachshunds and diners

I think I've expressed more than once how talented some of the people I've met here are. My gal pal Ginna, who sings, draws, photographs, makes videos, mountain climbs, plays guitar.. the list goes on - had a piece in [b]racket magazine's first gallery show, the opening of which was last weekend. I headed down to Daegu to meet her and Kevin to attend the opening, and also met some of Ginna's friends from her town, Jinju. The rest of the crowd was an eclectic mix of foreigners and Koreans.

On the [b] list
Quite the outfit!
Modern dance performance
Issues new and old
Boyane Zelechowski
Vedi Dojkich
Mathieu St-Pierre
The artist herself!
Ginna in front of her piece, asleep/awake
Ginna's supporters, many of whom made the trip to Daegu just for her!

After the show, we went for dinner at Caliente (best burrito and taco I've had in SoKo thus far actually!) and then the after party at Barbarella.

I own so many businesses here..
Um, first donkeys in Shinsa, now ponies in Daegu?!
My Blue Hawaii at Caliente. A little turned off by the supremely dehydrated garnish.. not sure what that was about.
This poor girl was manning the bar solo for a good part of the night!
Doyin and I! :)
Ginna and Kylie :)
Haha weirdos
Gins and Jess Hinshaw, editor-in-chief of [b]racket

We started the following morning off with our daily dose of puppy. Four dachshunds and one pomeranian's worth. Too many photos.

After tearing ourselves away from all the cute feels that was this puppy play date cafe, we headed to Lazy Diner for a late brunch/early lunch to fill our tummies before checking out the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Daegu Art Museum.

An abandoned cell phone shop on the streets of downtown Daegu

Next up, DOTS. Lots and lots of them.

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