Sunday, September 15, 2013

daegu art weekend: DOTS

After hot cocoa at a puppy play-date cafe ft. a quartet of dachshunds, and lunch at Lazy Diner in downtown Daegu, we hopped on the subway towards the southeast corner of the city. The Daegu Art Museum is currently exhibiting A Dream I Dreamed, with a collection of over 100 works by Yayoi Kusama. Pieces include paintings, screenprints, installations, and sculptures that take up two floors of space. I was especially excited for this one and our visit did not disappoint. Definitely not one to miss! The exhibition runs until November 3rd.

Hopping on the free shuttle that runs every half hour to and from Grand Park station
Kusama kouples
The first thing you see as you walk into the exhibition
Ladder to Heaven - you have to walk up close to this one to appreciate it; the ladder went on infinitely from top to bottom because of its mirrors on either end

Gleaming Lights of the Souls, 2008

Manhattan Suicide Addict, 2010

LOVE FOREVER, 2004 and Infinity Mirrored Room: Love Forever, 1994

With all my love for the tulips, I pray forever, 2013 and Dots Obsession, 2013

Obliteration Room

I'm Here, But Nothing, 2000/2013

Great Gigantic Pumpkin, 2013 / The Moment of Regeneration, 2004 / Phallus Boat, 2000 / Narcissus Garden, 2013

This installation was supposedly made up of 1500 of these silver balls!

The DAM grounds are picturesque. Walking out into the crisp pre-fall air was the perfect way to end our gallery visit.

The view as you leave the DAM

This works out to be the best segue into OF x JAPAN. I've organized my August Tokyo trip by neighbourhood and will start to post them soon, promise. I'll leave you with this quirky little video. 


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