Sunday, September 29, 2013

TOKYO / Day Two / Nakameguro & Daikanyama

For the second half of day two, we headed to Shibuya ward to check out its two hippest neighbourhoods: Nakameguro and Daikanyama.

Nakameguro is worth a gander even when its cherry blossoms aren't in bloom. Boutiques, cafes, and small restaurants flank each side of the tree-lined river and makes for a lovely walkabout. There are also a number of hole in the wall bars that reek of cool here, and we would end up revisiting this area later on in our trip.

Daily life

Walking distance away is Daikanyama, a slightly more upscale area with a mishmash of modern architecture and older residential buildings. Unfortunately, by the time we had waited out the surprise downpour (in a bustling cafe, where everyone seemed to be taking shelter from the rain), it had gotten very dark.

Upscale dog grooming
Here they were screening Logorama, and had lots of other type-nerd goods on display
A slice of heaven
The cutest USB keys. I had purchased the "Nekon D7000" version at another store earlier that day
On the wish list! How adorable are these guys?

 Tsutaya Books was particularly tempting, but it was getting late and it looked like the kind of place we could get lost in for hours. Next time!

Next, 1/2 of day three: Asakusa and Kappabashi (Kitchen Town, aka plastic display food galore)!

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