Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TOKYO / Day Two / Shimokitazawa

After a good night's rest at our pocket square of an apartment (thank goodness for a/c), J and I set out to check out Shimokitazawa. This low-key* area is full of cool shops and cafes that bookmark the otherwise residential neighbourhood. We wandered around with no particular agenda, admiring people's homes and peering into their gardens, stepping into establishments for coffee, vintage, a/c, or all of the above, and soaking in the hot hot heat that comes with summer in Tokyo. 

 *I think we were there at a relatively quiet time of the year, and I imagine it is usually more lively (with more stores and things open)

A cute bookshop attendant man right by our apartment in Nakano
Angling to get the shot
Bubble gum turnstiles
This cafe had actually been on Jaimie's list but we ended up stumbling upon it when we weren't even looking for it!
Definitely a cool spot. I would've taken more photos of its interior but there were "no photos" signs all over the place
Twins going nuts over an insanely flattering mirror
:( Beautiful in a morbid way
"Garage" bins
Tokyo tweens, Tokyo trees
This car literally fit inch for inch into this tiny parking spot
Tokyo has some really charming bicycles, always propped up against the perfect backdrop and begging for their photos to be taken
Just a gold lamé bodysuit hanging out the window, nothing to see here
Also just hanging, a striped shirt between two apartment buildings
I loved how much green there was. Everywhere.
X marks the spot
A much needed refresher
Jaimie and her new one-of-a-kind sunglasses. So glad I made you to try them on!

We made a vintage stop at New York Joe Exchange, which reminded me very much of Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg, and picked up a few gems. I enjoyed it here a lot.

Village Vanguard was an insane store I can only describe as being a jungle maze of merchandise. From random knick-knacks to electronics to cameras to comic books to stationery to household goods to curry-flavoured toothpaste, this place sells it all.

All black everything in a not so flattering mirror haha

We hopped back on the subway and made our way to two equally hip neighbourhoods that sit side by side - quiet Nakameguro and the touch more upscale Daikanyama. Up next!

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