Sunday, October 20, 2013

TOKYO / Day Five / Odaiba & Roppongi

The trip so far had been a whirlwind, and soon J and I would say our goodbyes and part ways. Sadface. We made the most of our remaining time together and on our last full day, took the roller coaster metro ride to Tokyo's artificial islands.

Odaiba was a little like a version of the future as it may have been conceived in the 90s

It was too bad this giant Gundam wasn't still up while we were there. 

Following Odaiba, we made our way to Roppongi to check out the Mori Art Museum and its All You Need is Love exhibition.

Kusama cafe
Japanese Harry Potter font guys. Amazing.
There was an observatory one floor below the museum, providing a great view of Roppongi
My guess is that the M arch was intentional
Yayoi Kusama's Love is Calling

This room of polka dots/inflatable tentacles/mirrors begged for selfies. I took a couple - couldn't help myself!

Kosuke Tsumura's Final Home project

After MAM we grabbed lunch and explored some of the streets and alleys of Roppongi.

A couple in < 3

This evening's night cap was back in Nakameguro, between Malmo and a kooky bar outfitted with retro decor. 
All of it was tacky and clashed and I loved it.

The late night view from our Shinjuku apartment

The next morning I was back on the NEX train to Narita, got a window seat view of the countryside, and had my last Japanese meal in one of the airport restaurants.

Here are some snaps of my Tokyo souvenirs and takeaways to wrap up. I had such a blast on this trip, and hopefully I'll get myself back there some day. Lesson learned though - never again in the heat of the summer! A springtime trip to Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo.. sounds lovely.

Hanah banana slice keychain!


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